Monday, June 6, 2011

Wish I'd done it Sooner - or - the Best Summer Ever!!

This post is dedicated to all young moms out there!!

As many of you know, I have 6 kids.  
The youngest is now 16, but, I'm going to tell you a secret to a great summer with the kids home.  
This is something I wish someone had told me 27 years ago!  (But, they didn't and I learned the hard way.)
Several years ago, when I still had 4-5 at home and the youngest was about 8, I had a brilliant(for me) idea to make summers more enjoyable for all.
Here it is, in a nutshell:
During the weeks went we weren't traveling, etc., I wanted to have fun, but not let the house and chores go to pot during the summer.  
Plus, I wanted my kids to have goals, to have a sense of accomplishment, and also have fun.  After brainstorming with the kids on things they like to do, here's what we came up with:
Each day, rise before 8am.
Get chores done by 10:00 am (everyone had assigned daily chores)
10:00 - Group project
12:00 - lunch & clean up
Hanging out and being silly
This is where the girls learned to enjoy taking photos and videos of silly stuff!
1:00 - Read or hang out with friends
(They would make a goal of how many pages they wanted to read for the summer)
3:00 - swim or other activity
5:00 - start dinner (help mom cook)
6:30 - free time
We were pretty flexible - that's the secret to happy families I've discovered.  The times and activity weren't set in stone.
Then - the fun part - 
this is what we did during group project or hanging with friends - cuz friends were invited!
Monday - Cooking or sewing lesson
Tuesday - Scrapbooking
Wednesday - Library or a educational field trip
Thursday - craft project (Jewelry making was a hit)
Friday - hike and picnic lunch
Before we knew it, the summer would be over and we'd all be sad to have the fun end! 

Plus, we made some wonderful memories!

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