Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day 2011 - remembering my Dad.

In honor of Father's Day, it seems only fitting that I reflect on what a great Dad I had.
He was the "strong, silent" type, but I never doubted his love for me. 
He just showed it in non-verbal ways. 
He was the best of examples;  of hard work, of getting an education, of honoring the priesthood, of honesty, and of remaining true and faithful to what you believe.
Some of my favorite memories:
 **Seeing his legs sticking out from under the car while he worked on it.
**Giving him a hug from behind and smelling "Old Spice".
**Watching him enjoy my home-made whole-wheat bread by loading it with honey and peanut butter.
**Taking the boat out for a spin - and all the prep it entailed.
**The twinkle in his eye when he was teasing my Mom.
**Cracker-Jacks and treats in his pockets for the grandkids.
**Reminding me to take good care of my car.
**Patting me on the head.
**Letting me lay my head on his shoulder during church.

I still miss him, after all these years, and am so thankful for all he taught me.
My dad and his brothers:  L to R:  Ray, Ivan, Kent, Loren (my dad)
But most of all, I am grateful for his love for me.  
Cuz I wasn't always easy to love! ;-/

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Samantha said...

Hey! I've noticed you haven't updated in a while. I enjoy reading your blog and would love to see some more :)