Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tailgaters -n- Smokers

So, while I wait for my girls to return from their bike ride so we can go shopping and then to lunch, cuz that's what summer's all about, right?  Spending time together doing the things you can't while school is in session?...

I have a few thoughts...
about Smokers and Tailgaters.
Let me clarify:
Smokers - as in those who insist on smoking in public places, NOT those who like to burn wet firewood.
 Tailgaters - people in a big "gosh darn hurry" to get somewhere - anywhere - and follow you too closely in their car.  NOT to be confused with crazy drunk people hanging out on their truck tailgates at a sporting event.
So, after being tailgated for the umpteenth time yesterday, and going slower and slower just to rile them up, and THEN, gagging on someone's cigarette smoke in the entrance to Costco, I began to notice some similarities between these two groups.
Both 'Public Smokers' and 'Tailgaters':
*think and often insist that they have the "right".  What "right"?
  (The right to make others fear for their lives, I guess.)
*are pushy, pushy, pushy!  In your face or in the rear pushy!
*don't give a "darn" about how uncomfortable they make other people feel.
*get pretty ornery is you challenge them.
*think the rest of us are all 'narrow-minded'.
*listen to terrible music.
*have bad breath and bad hair.
*wear funky golf shoes and polyester pants.
*want to destroy the world.

Okay,okay, maybe not the last 4 items.  I was getting narrow-minded and carried away (probably the lasting effects of inhaling someone's nasty cigarette smoke).
But, seriously, there are definitely some similarities in the mind-set of these 2 groups.

And, you'd better agree, or else I will tail-gate you!!

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