Friday, January 29, 2010

Pageants, Soccer, Visitors & a Boot!

Who has time to make New Year's Resolutions? So far, we are up to our ears in projects and activities without trying to accomplish any new goals. Here's just a few:
Jessica is involved in the Miss Washington City scholarship pageant. This past month she had been going to workshops and getting ready for it.
(If you want to come and support her - it's February 6 at 7pm at the Pine View HS theater.)
Here she is trying on her evening gown. She is also going to wear this to Jr. Prom this weekend. The guy who asked her (Kendall Wilkey) is also Jr. Prom King - crazy, huh?
Let me tell you - it is one MAJOR wake-up when you see you "little" girl looking like this!!! Dan - you'd better get the guns out! When in the heck did she grow up??
Along with club soccer, Rachel is also doing indoor soccer this winter. They play against boys and girls teams. It's been really good for her skills and helping her to be tougher!
Pictures are a little fuzzy cuz they were taken through glass.

We recently had a visit from my nephew and his wife; Jim & Celese, and children. I wish I'd taken more photos, but kids move fast and don't want to sit still while I figure out why my camera has a double screen. This little guy has the sweetest smile in the world, plus two adorable sisters. I hope they come visit again soon!
Lastly, update on my broken toe: after waiting 3 weeks (ya, I'm slow) for it to feel better, I went to the doctor for x-rays again. Turns out it wasn't healing cuz it was a compression fracture and it needed to be immobilized. So, here is my boot. Let me tell you, I have never been so happy to wear something so ugly!! I can walk around now without pain!! I can GO places... shopping, the movie, walks around the neighborhood! Yippee! I am MOBILE again!!

Not to worry, I still continue to crochet and I WILL get to those NY resolutions - as soon as the pageant is over!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When Life Throws you on your Bottom!

I hate it when people post pictures of injuries and body parts - so please forgive me for this picture. Last week I was running through the house and ran into an immovable object which resulted in much pain and cursing under my breath with my husbands name included.
The result was this - a broken toe - which you can do nothing for, except sit around and wait for it to heal. As much as I like sitting occasionally, this is ridiculous and I'm tired of it already!
Daytime TV sucks and what about my New Year's Resolutions and my 2mile a day walks??

This is what I have turned to in my hours of sitting-ness. I have re-taught myself to crochet and have started creating.
Here's some of my latest projects: Sock slippers

Hair bands w/ flowers

Beanie Hats w/ embellishments
I am actually taking orders for the Hair Bands and Beanie Hats.
Hair Bands are $8.00 each
Beanie Hats are $15.00 each
- you choose colors for both items.
Just e-mail me at
or call me at 435-674-4433
All proceeds go towards the "Patty's on her tushie" foundation for more yarn.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stone Christmas Traditions #3

I've been wondering why I started this series of blogs in the first place. Maybe so my kids will realize one day that we really do have traditions - even if they aren't terribly exciting. I wish I had taken more pictures of some of them - like going out to see Christmas lights during the week before Christmas. But, that would have been a photo of us sitting in a dark van "oohing and aahhing" at the lights. Just imagine it!
So, here we are, Christmas morning. The night before, Santa has come and spread out the presents all over so it looks like the mother lode! We have always tortured our kids by insisting on a healthy breakfast before the unwrapping begins. They can check out their stockings beforehand, but that's all.

After breakfast and clean-up (yes, clean-up!) we start.

Someone (whoever wants the privilege) hands each person a present.

Starting with the youngest, each present is unwrapped one at a time-taking turns from youngest to oldest, with the proper thank-you hugs after each present.

Yep, it takes a while, but it's like eating a chocolate bar slowly - the fun and delight last that much longer and I love the appreciation and gratitude shown for each gift.


(and missing Danny and Loren...sniff!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stone Christmas Traditions #2

For years we have opted for pizza on Christmas Eve - to make things easy for mom & dad!

See how excited the girls are??

After pizza - Rachel thinks she's gonna take a nap...

But that's not what Jess and Meli have in mind!
DOGPILE!!! Even Jon gets in the action!!
Another tradition we have is Christamas Eve pajamas. Here is Amelia and Jon modeling theirs. Sorry folks, this is the only pic we got.
Last, but not least, on Christmas Eve, each child gets a new ornament. Sometimes we make them, sometimes they are purchased. And whenever we can, we try to include a photo in them - kinda chronicles the kids through the years. They love it!
Haven't quite decided when to let them have and keep their own ornaments. Maybe when they start their own families? Or maybe when we pass on.... We'll see!!