Saturday, February 26, 2011

She's leaving me!

What's wrong with this picture? (in theory)
You want a family.
You have cute little babies.
You teach them to be nice people.
You fall in love with them over and over.
You raise them and they raise you.
They grow up.
You go through some tough times.
Sometimes you're not sure you like them.
But you love them anyways.
They grow up some more.
They become really cool people.
You like "hangin"  with them.
You are proud of them.
They leave you!

Just when things are going really well, you shove them out the door to fly away on their own!
Crazy, huh?
Who ever thought of that??  (*wink*)
So, yeah, Jess is starting to prepare to leave.
Against all my whining, and begging, and hanging on her leg while crying my eyes out, she has decided to go to BYU Provo!! 
I wanted her to stay close.
To me.
I've done this with 3 other kids. 
Each one gets a little harder.
Not easier.
But, my "sensical" side wins out.
And I am happy for her.
She is achieving one of her long term goals and
will move on to more, and more.

Gosh, I'll miss this girl!!
Just as I miss the others - so - very - much.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Loren and Samantha came home for a visit on V-day weekend.

The main reason for their visit, besides doing laundry and getting some free meals, was for Loren to see Ivan, who just got home from his mission.  
Loren and Ivan were tight buds growing up.  
Partners in crime.
Saturday morning, while Samantha did homework and I baked,
the girls and Loren helped Dan in the yard. 
Well, they helped for quite a while, then they played with the soccer ball in the warm sunshine.

The weather was perfect! 

We then went on a picnic at Pioneer Park.  

Afterwards, the kids hiked around and then sat out on the warm rocks.

It was fun.  
The rest of the weekend we made amazing cupcakes,
The most amazing cupcake EVER!!
played games and watched some movies.  
Then Loren & Sam had to go back up north.

Monday - Valentine's Day.
A total bust.
Dan was sick and I caught it a day later.  I got my own flowers from the craft room and put them in a vase, blew up some balloons, decorated the dining room, prepared gifts for the girls, and made a gourmet dinner for all of us with candlelight, etc.  
Not really what I had in mind, though, for a romantic dinner.
But, still, I was surrounded by those I love best - minus a few of the older ones.  And that's what counts.
Plus, I told Dan I was holding a 'rain check' from him for a future romantic getaway.  
I'm sure I'll have to plan it for him! ;)

Where have I been?

 (This post is dedicated to my cousin Alan, who called yesterday out of the blue, and told me he likes my blog.  I love you Alan!  Thanks!)
The blogging spirit has been absent lately.
I think it's because I'm having such a struggle to feel well and be positive and happy.
Shake it off.
That's what they say, anyways.
I'll try to post.
As soon as I find the camera where I have pictures stored of our February activities.

  Rachel!!  Where is it??"
 (She always takes the camera.)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful on Thursday

I forget to be grateful sometimes, 
so this has become a good exercise for me.  
Today I am thankful for:
Dan, who takes Mary to school for me, giving me a break.
Warm water at my fingertips.  So glad I wasn't born a few hundred years ago.
Beans.  They are so cute and so yummy!
Loren and his girlfriend coming home this weekend.
Tweezers.  No explanation necessary.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Life with Teenagers

When you remind your teenage daughters on Friday morning that they:
-forgot to gather and take out the trash last night,
-forgot to clean up the dinner you left out for them since they came home late from volleyball,
-need to make a NUTRITIOUS lunch,
-need protein for breakfast since they are in training for track, and
-need to take their vitamins.
You get:
-grumpy looks,
-claims that they don't know how to cook bacon,
 -only 3 out of the 5 above things taken care of,
-and the feeling that you are a nag. 
Motherhood is often a thank-less job, but I love it anyways.  So there!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful on Thursday

There are definitely days when it's hard to find anything to be thankful for.  
This past Tuesday was like that for me.  
But today was good!  

Some things I am thankful for today are:

 - heaters, especially when it's in the 20's during the day.
- reruns of the show, Psych.  Good belly laughs there.

- my kitties and how they let me cuddle with them.
Our Sassy kitty
 - shopping trips to Natural Grocers with Dan.

- Dark chocolate w/ raspberries.  Yum!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Junior Prom 2011

I have mixed feelings about relating this story, but I don't want to forget is as it tells much of Jessica's character. (Please forgive me Jessica)  
Early in January, Jess and her friend Jill were approached by Robb - who is a Jr. who has been befriended by many of Jessica's friends.  He wanted help in asking another of Jessica's friends (we'll call her X) to Junior Prom.  
So, Jessica asked X (for Robb) if she had a date yet for prom.  Long story short, X indicated that she didn't want a " charity date"   for a formal dance - she'd had enough of those.  So, quickly, before Robb had a chance to ask X,  Jessica told Jill to talk Robb into asking herself to prom, so that his feelings wouldn't be hurt.  
(You see, Robb is a little awkward socially, and on one of the earlier dances, his date ditched him.)  
Jessica wanted Robb to have a good experience at a dance, so she volunteered herself without Robb's knowledge.  
So, the date of Prom came.  Robb and Jess had a great time at the day date with a fun group of kids playing miniature golf in someone's empty house.  
For the evening date, as she was getting ready to go, she made the comment;  "  I just want him to have a good time." 
When he arrived to pick her up, he was SOO nervous, he was shaking!  But he was a kind, sweet boy.
Turns out they both had a good time, and he was very appreciative, expressing on facebook that it was his best date ever.
Let's just say, I am very proud (well-pleased) with J.  She learned that it really feels good to think of others' first!
She even taught me a thing or two!!
I love you Jessica!

Montezuma's Gold!!

Thar's gold in them thar hills!!!
While in Kanab for a weekend in January, 
Dan and Rachel decided to do a little investigating on the "rumor?" or "conclusions" that Montezuma's Gold is in the 3 lakes area north of Kanab.  
Check out the story at
 Both of these "2 peas in a pod" love searching for treasures!!  So, of course we had to go look around.  

Looks a bit spooky all covered in ice.  Not hard to imagine all the ghosts of conquistadors that the first scuba divers said that they saw in the watery cave!

 The property is on Hwy 89 just north of Kanab about 8 miles.  It is privately owned with "no trespassing" signs all over, but Dan and Rachel always ignore those signs.

 Sadly, the federal government (with the environmentalists help) shut down the owners attempts to locate the treasure due to the existence of an endangered SNAIL!!
Well, if it wasn't on private property and rumors of ghost abound, I think Dan & Rachel would have had on their scuba gear and been diving for the cave entrance.

We can save that for another weekend!!