Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Girls are Back in Town

I Love my girls.  
I ADORE them.
I miss them when they are gone.
But, when they are gone, somehow the counters don't get all cluttered, the dishes get done faster and there's less of them.
And there is a shocking lack of shoes laying around waiting to trip me. 
There ARE some perks when they are gone.
I'm just sayin....

But when they are home,
there are more hugs comin' my way,
there are 'talk fests' on my bed with all 5 of us,
there are "owies" to inspect and thrilling stories to hear,
 and just a whole lot more love floatin' around.
I'm just sayin....

1 comment:

Jessica Belle said...

I love you mom!! I love my adventures, but I love being home more to talk and chill with you! And i love your hugs! :)