Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joining the Blogging Wave

Whenever there is a big movement, I am always reluctant to jump on board, either through cautiousness, but more likely, just through sheer stubborness. The "blogging wave" has been no exception for me, and I have absolutely refused to join the crowd. I am good, however, at eating my words, and I am now doing what I said I wouldn't do - creating my own blog. All of you bloggers out there have shown me the benefits to blogging and so here I am.
Life is crazy at the moment, due to the holidays and the impending wedding of a certain daughter. For that reason, I will tackle this slowly, as I am somewhat impaired when it comes to technology. Watch for coming photos, etc. For now, I will post a few photos of what we've been working on lately.
Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

p.s. Blog title thought up by Rachel Stone!!