Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jessica Belle Stone - graduate of PVHS

Disclaimer:  this post if full of bragging about my daughter and how awesome she is!
Jessica graduated from high school this past week.  But it's all her other accomplishments that are so amazing.  I can't believe this girl is my daughter!  She is really awesome.  Really!
A list of her awards for 2010-2011:
Certificate of Recognition in the 2011 Utah Ambassadors of Music
UREA Youth leadership Representative
First Team Region 9 Honoree for Keeper in Girls Soccer
Wendy's High School Heisman award
Region 9 Academic All-Region for Soccer
PVHS Diamond Paw
Outstanding Performance award for French
PVHS Academic Letter
National Scholar/Athlete of the Year Award by US Army
UHSAA Academic All-State for Track & Field
Seminary Centennial Letter
Utah Scholar Award
High Honors at PVHS
PVHS Valedictorian

Wow!  I knew there were alot, but I didn't realize that there were so many. 
Now, a list of scholarships awarded thus far.
Regents Scholarship for $6000 by WCSD
Dixie Escalante Electric for $2000
University of Utah for $1000
Southern Utah University Presidential Scholarship for $4250
SUU Housing for $4000
She's still applying for scholarships as obviously, she won't be able to use all of the above.  She's decided to go to BYU Provo in the fall.  I'm sure going to miss her!
(Next - Graduation pics!!)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Montezuma's Revenge - I mean 'Castle'

 You know how you go on a trip, somewhere you've been before a hundred times, and you pass places that you think, "Sometime, I'm gonna stop there and check it out!"?
Well, that's what happened on Easter weekend.
We've been going to southern Arizona for YEARS!
And there's a few places along the way that we've thought it would be fun to stop at.
One of those is Montezuma's Castle.
They're Indian cliff ruins (which I am nearly fanatical about).
They were extremely cool.
 Plus, the area was just beautiful, down in the valley near the Verde river.

 Plus, it was a great photo op - great lighting and cute daughters and hubby.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meli's birthday - a week late. Oops!

I've been doing these birthday tributes for about a year now, so I need to change things up a bit.  
I love focusing on the birthday child on "their" day, so I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do.
So, here goes.
Memorable sayings by the BIRTHDAY GIRL - AMELIA!!
She turned 26 on May 12, 2011.
Happy B-day girl!!
Here are some of the more out-standing things that I remember Amelia saying to me over the past 26 years:

*I'm sorry, mom.
*I love you a million!
*I'm not smart cuz you bottle-fed me.
*I'm sorry, mom.
*I see 'boo-bees' (birdies)!!
*I'm neglected cuz I'm the middle child.
*Oh mom, don't be so silly.
*I never got to wear newborn clothes!
*Wanna see me dance? 
*I'm sorry, mom.
*Madre, you are the best mom.
*You are ruining my life, mom.
*Let's have a sleep-over in MY room!
*I'm going to Poland!!
*Don't worry so much, mom.
*I'm NEVER getting married!!
*I'm HOME!!
*Let's go on a Road trip!!
*I'm engaged!!!
*What would I do without you?
*Sorry, mom.
 But my favorite (2nd to "I'm home") is:
"Nini - I love you!!  
Looking forward to many more favorites - 
and next year, I think I will copy some of her numerous apology letters to me for her birthday.  That'll be a kick!!
P.S. And I promise you a cake when you come visit!