Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Musings

I'm going to start recording my random thoughts and funny exchanges each Monday. Here goes....

**My daughter tells me that blogs aren't as interesting without photos.... (the above photo is for you Amelia - taken in 1981! Vintage hummingbird!)

**Rachel hopes I'll still be alive by the time she gets married....

**Jessica has finally learned to smile politely while eating fish and green beans....

**Dan told me he likes me better than food! :) Now that's huge!

Things I find annoying today:
--Kids growing up so fast - this is an example below....
--Kids moving too far away
--when it rains just on the weekend
--piles of "to-do" stuff and I just wanna do nothin
--It's gonna get crazy come 4pm
--upstairs heater is on the fritz

Things I'm happy about today:
--I've lost 6 pounds
--I get to go to a Micheal Buble' concert in July
--Dan is coming home for lunch
--My foot is almost healed
--I feel like I'm getting things under control
--I love my family - even if they're all crazy
Well, that's all I can think of today! More next week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day work project

Oh, how I love a holiday! It's a great excuse to get a project or two done!
After Dan and the scouts put up flags in the neighborhood, they went and had a racquetball tournament at the local rec center. While they were gone, the girls and I did some house cleaning. That felt good!

In the afternoon, Dan got out the sand paper and wood putty and began sprucing up the trim on the windows.

We may be down to only 3 girls at home now, but they are such hard workers!
Here's Rachel and her paintbrush - putting primer on the trim.

Jessica got in the action too.

I couldn't resist this shot. Such cuties!!
It was such a beautiful sunny day that the girls got some sun on their little white legs. Maybe that's why they didn't mind helping out on the windows!!

Afterwards, we promised them a movie, The Lightning Thief, and a DQ blizzard. The movie was sold out, so we got our blizzards and came home and watched the edited version of the Bachelor. (So much drama - makes me sick!) We had to give out a raincheck to the girls for the movie - later this week.


Club Soccer season officially opened this past weekend. Rachel (#16) is playing with the Strikers FC this spring and the season opened with a big tournament in Mesquite, NV on President's Day weekend. We are a young and a new team, being formed just this year with girls ages 13-15. Out of 9 teams, we placed 8th. I know, doesn't sound too impressive, but we are coming along. The girls are learning each others playing styles and strengths. Rachel usually plays mid-field or forward. Games started at 5pm and ended at 10:30pm Nevada time - which is an hour later for Utah. Rachel was playing past her bedtime!!! It was even later on Saturday night!

Beginning the game with prayer - which I think is cool!

Rachel does funny things with her fingers when she's got the ball!

Throw-in with the sun setting in the background.

It was a fun 2 nights - even though it was brrrrr...cold!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pageant Smageant....

I promised some family that I would blog this - and here it it - even though it's a week late.
Last Saturday night was the Washington City scholarship pageant. Jessica was in it - her second and final year. It was a lot of fun for her and a good learning experience. We are not really pageant people, but we try our best. We tend to think outside the "pageant box" and I'm not sure that judges appreciate that. For her talent, she performed on the saxophone "Rock Around the Clock". The photographer failed to capture that one, but got it on video.
This was the introductory dance - 70's style
Jess has always had such a beautiful and contagious smile
She's beautiful when she's not smiling too!
Afterwards, with some of her best buddies. They go back to elementary school!!
With her sister Rachel - awwww.... aren't they sweet when they like each other?
I admired how Jessica handled herself - gracious and graceful!
She's a wonderful daughter - one of several!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

St. George Brown mini-reunion!!

What could be better than great people, great conversation and great food? Nuthin!!
We had some Heaton northerners visiting St. George for Jason and Becky Beaver's sealing on Saturday morning. (I'm bummed that I didn't get any pictures of them - they were so adorable and HAPPY!!) Anyways, some of us decided to get together for dinner that night at Twenty-Five Main in downtown St. George. Uber-Yum!!!
Here's the whole group.

Desi (holding Lexi) & Tony Heaton and Duane & Diane Tyler

Diane Tyler, Larry & Dorian Heaton & Betsy Beaver! (check out Diane's plate - she licked it clean on a dare!!)

Cutest couple - Rosa & Alan Heaton!!

The group from the other side!
After lots of eating and visiting - we had some of their famous cupcakes - the most delicious, flavorful cupcakes in existence!! Then we all had to part ways. Sniff!
We should make this a yearly tradition! What do ya say to that?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boutique - ing!!

All (well, some) of the stuff I've inherited, collected, or made over the years is now in a boutique!
Hopefully it will sell and I can conquer 2 birds with one stone! I can clean out the junk and I can make a little money!! The boutique is located in Staheli Village in Washington, UT and is filled with some really fun and cute stuff.
My booth has lots of rustic wire, wood, & metal decor, vintage linens and clothing, vintage patterns and some antiques.
I've also included most of the crochet projects I've been doing recently; hats, hairbands & dishcloths.
I'll soon be adding children's aprons, baby quilts, blessing dresses and pillowcase dolls. So much to do and plenty of time!! This is FUN!!