Monday, July 19, 2010

My Husband has it ROUGH!

My husband, Dan, has it ROUGH!!
Why? Because he is married to me.
It's true.

So, I write this post in appreciation of him.

We've had a crazy summer. And, with that craziness, we've had some good family time, but also lots of apart time. And very little US time.
So, I get back from a trip to Mississippi and he gets home the next day from a week at Scout camp.
We go on a date. Poor guy, he is completely exhausted from camping all week.
I am exhausted from a 2000 mile road trip.
I am cranky and can't control it.
He is kind and patient.
He loves me anyways.

Next day we go for a morning walk.
It starts out good - not too hot yet - and we hold hands.
But the crankiness rears it's ugly head again.
This time it's because reality has set in again, now that we are home.
We have LOADS of things to do and take care of.
I say some hard things to him.
He tries to understand.
I get frustrated and say more hard things.
He is quiet.

And then he looks at me with that "look".
That "look" that says:
I'm trying to understand.
I love you no matter what.
I'll always love you.
I'll be here forever for you.
And then, even though I don't deserve it,
he braves the porcupine quills that I've put out,
and he hugs me.

I love him SOOOO much.
Thank you Dan.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Few more Pics from Lake Arrowhead

Takes me a while to get around to checking my camera for extra pictures...
So - here's a few more of our family reunion at Lake Arrowhead.
We took a little "hike" (more of a "walk") down by the Lake.

The Fam

Mary - being happy!

Rachel & Jess - cuties!

Dan - looking cool.

So - our several family reunions have taken up a good part of our summer this year. But - it's the best way to spend a summer, I've decided. It was a good time and I can hardly wait for more next year!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tyler Family Reunion 2010

When 2 people fell in love.

It started with just TWO...

And then it grew...

And Grew to this!!
(and that's not all of us either!)
Best Reunion Ever!!
We had a Loren & Nelda Tyler family reunion this past week at Lake Arrowhead.
My brother Steve's family was "in charge" this year, which meant that his daughter Camille planned it. She did a terrific job!

We had great food, played in the water, did some sight-seeing, hiked, ate some more, visited lots and got reacquainted!
The evening programs were SO fun and entertaining;
from the talent show to the auction!
It was a blast!

Here's some pictures:
The four of us siblings: L to R: Oldest to youngest: Steve, Karen, Joyce, Me.

R to L: smartest to ??? (just kidding)

Siblings plus spouses.

My family - minus 3 very important members who couldn't come.
L to R: Rachel, Mom, Mary, Dad, Jessica

I just wish I had played more and sewed less. Next time...
2 years from now - I can hardly wait!!
(...and...A BIG "Thank You" to my
nephew Craig and his trusty assistant,
my brother Steve, for the great pictures!!

Grandpa and Grandma would be pleased....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Brown Family Reunion 2010

Whenever I think of Brown Family reunion I think of...
The Heaton Ranch and
the "pond" (and getting pushed in),
Relatives young and old,
Friends and cousins,

more cousins(that we get to watch grow up over the years),
camping with my family (it's easier now with only 3 girls than when we had all 6 with us - but I missed them),
the A-frame (where the teenagers hang out) and the pond again,
my daughter Jessica who won't let us miss the reunion,
my other daughter Rachel who won't let us miss the reunion,
and more cousins(who are camera shy)!
Alan - you did a great job this year!!
It was one of the best times ever for me!!

I've been going to Brown Family reunion on
Cedar Mountain for as long as I can remember -
which means I've been going since I was 12 years old.

It's a tradition that I hope will continue a long time - and that my children will continue to attend as they get families of their own. (hint, hint!)