Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Here it is the middle of March and I haven't done a thing with this. It's been a busy 3-4 months! Our daughter, Amelia got engaged to a terrific guy back in October, and we got busy planning a wedding for the 27 of December! What a whirlwind! Did we have Christmas in there?? I'm not sure! It was really wonderful to have all the kids home though. (Well, except for our Fijian missionary, Loren). To top off our fall season, Jessica turned 16 in October and therein started driving and dating! Woohoo!
January was spent recuperating from all the wedding craziness, except that Rachel was signed up for basketball and Jessica was involved in the upcoming Miss Washington City pageant! That was WAY out of her comfort zone, but she wanted to do it! Rachel is an awesome basketball player too!
In February, Rachel bought herself a drum set and the walls and floors started rockin to the beat!! She also started riding lessons once a week, which she loves. She not only gets to ride, she gets to learn how to take care of a horse and clean up after them!!
Now it's March! Mary turned 25 last weekend and Rachel turns 14 this month. The Pageant was held last weekend too, and Jessica was great! She totally nailed her saxophone solo and was stunning!